Engraved and Printed by Keatinge & Ball. Dated February 17th 1864. Plate letter H. Hand written serial number at top right, 97192. Conservatively graded EXTREMELY FINE+ condition.

Nice eye appeal. Very crisp paper. Nice color. Two light vertical bends in the center, along with some light handling at the sides, all of which don't readily stand out. A few very small pinholes mentioned for accuracy.

Nice signatures. Signed by Sarah Pelot at the bottom left. Her relative Michael McNeil wrote the 2004 book "The Signers of Confederate Treasury Notes 1861-'65", where he also catalogs all the notes signed by Sarah Pelot.

Judah P. Benjamin, featured at the right side, broke down many barriers of prejudice and achieved great political power in the South. His achievements opened the door for many Jews to aspire to run for public office.

GUARANTEED to be an AUTHENTIC note from the Civil War era.

Price: $95.00


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