Product of B. Duncan, Columbia, SC. Dated June 2nd 1862. Serial number hand written at the left side, 46180. Third series. Plate position 10. PMG graded and encapsulated "ABOUT UNCIRCULATED 55"

A note that saw extremely heavy use during the War, and is almost always found worn, soiled, and trimmed badly. Highly sought after by collectors in high grade condition.

Crisp, white paper. Vivid details, especially with the ship scene. Dark printing. Nearly fully framed; trimmed just a bit tight at the bottom left corner.

Fairly clean on both sides, aside from some very minor ink staining on the backside that hardly detracts. Two light vertical folds. Unbent corners. A couple small pinholes. No major condition issues to mention.

Most collectors are not aware that in the ship scene, there is a longboat at the lower right. A few years ago, astute CSA Note collector Jay Soncrant, pointed out to me the following: "There is a longboat facing the opposite direction of the steamship with 4 sailors in wet weather gear, 2 sitting in front facing backwards and 2 in the rear facing forward".

A sharp looking example that comes encapsulated and certified. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


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